Our Philosophy

The people & story behind SEABEL

Sailing, either for discovery or for economic survival was the earliest mode of transport known to mankind that involved technology, such as a boat and a sail. How unique is it that this technique nowadays is an official sports and is still practised world-wide for recreational purposes. Its and a very eco-friendly mode of enjoying the ocean.

With Dutch roots – a country with a fascinating trading history via the worlds Oceans, we were both exposed to the opportunities of enjoying the sea at a very young age. Fortunately we had the perk to sail quite a bit ourselves in remote areas and know there are so many of you who share that sailing wish but have not done, yet. So we decided to change Ownership around, making 2/3 of the world available for those keen to explore in an adventurous and environmental friendly way.

Our names are Kees Koolhof & Marjolein Vleugel and our passion to sail the world sea’s, practical approach to maritime logistics & yacht ownership and geographic world knowledge is what brought SEABLE alive.

We hope you embark as one of her first Smart Owners on her maiden voyage.

We will take care of the rest.

Kees Koolhof

Kees is a socially engaged serial-entrepreneur and investor. He has built, owned and managed series of innovative ocean going transport vessels. Founder and shareholder of several marine businesses, including SOL Chartering, Sevenstar Yacht Transport, CFL and Intermarine. Kees combines board, management and teambuilding skills – supported by practical knowledge and experience in all aspects of business development and leadership. Sevenstar is the leading yacht transport company since 1999 in the word.

A connoisseur when it comes to safety at Sea, in any form.

Marjolein Vleugel

Marjolein embarked the yacht industry about 12 years ago, first on board as crew in the role of Expedition Manager on board a time share yacht, specialising in maritime logistics. Later doing Sales for some of the most renown Dutch Superyacht builders out there. She has sailed remote areas as Antarctica, French Polynesia, the North Cape and more. A destination connoisseur!

Kees Koolhof (Managing director)

& Marjolein Vleugel (Owners Rep. & Itinerary Planner)